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How to submit your dues:

Please either mail your dues to the Clan Treasurer at the below address (either checks or money order are accepted).

  • Clan MacTavish
    Sherry Thompson-Crane
    23 Garland Road
    Lancaster, NH 03584

Or, you can submit your dues with PayPal, via the corresponding link below.

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All of your personal information will be safeguarded. We will use this information for administrative purposes and the day-to-day business of the Clan. The Chief will have access to your information. However, we do not release any information to any entity outside Clan MacTavish except when ordered by a U.S. court or when necessary to complete an order placed by you or complete a direction given by you. For a copy of our complete privacy policy, please contact the Clan Treasurer at: 23 Garland Road, Lancaster, NH 03584.

For inquiries about your renewal submission, please email our Clan Treasurer.