Thank You

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supporting member of Clan MacTavish.

You member information has been received and we will be in touch with you once your dues have been received. In the meantime, If you would like to get in touch with some of our active members please visit our open Clan MacTavish Group on Facebook. (must be logged in to Facebook to see Facebook groups).

How to submit your dues:

Please either mail your dues to the Clan Treasurer at the below address (either checks or money order are accepted).

  • Clan MacTavish
    Sherry Thompson-Crane
    23 Garland Road
    Lancaster, NH 03584

Or, you can submit your dues with PayPal, via the corresponding link below.

US$30 / CAN$38.95

(yearly Dues)

US$20 / CAN$25.97 Yearly Dues

(65 and older)

US$300 / CAN$389.50 One-time Life Time Membership
US$200 / CAN$295.67 One-time Life Time Membership

(65 and older)

All of your personal information will be safeguarded. We will use this information for administrative purposes and the day-to-day business of the Clan. The Chief will have access to your information. However, we do not release any information to any entity outside Clan MacTavish except when ordered by a U.S. court or when necessary to complete an order placed by you or complete a direction given by you. For a copy of our complete privacy policy, please contact the Clan Treasurer at: 23 Garland Road, Lancaster, NH 03584.