Clan MacTavish Endorsed Merchandise Vendors

MacTavish_Crest_Badge_on R

Clan MacTavish Crest Badge – Pewter.

This Clan MacTavish Crest Badge is made exclusively for members of Clan MacTavish and is approved by our Chief. You may find other MacTavish badges of varying design, but you will not find this authentically correct badge sold by any vendor. Exclusively sold by the Clan MacTavish Store.

Clan Crest Badge – $30.00 plus $5.50 Shipping and Handling (S&H).


Clan MacTavish Crested Kilt Pin – Pewter.

This Clan MacTavish Kilt pin is made for members of Clan MacTavish and is approved by our Chief. You may find other MacTavish kilt pins of varying design, but you will not find this authentically correct badge sold by any vendor. Exclusively sold by the Clan MacTavish Store.

Kilt pin – $25 plus $5.50 S&H.

MacTavishSilverCrestBadgeMacTavish Sterling Silver Crest Badge is correct in heraldic design. Its use is acceptable within Clan MacTavish. It is smaller than our Pewter Badge, above.

Sterling Silver Clan Badges by “The Company Jewelers”
Don Kimble – Owner/Craftsman (Copy and paste the e-mail into your e-mail client send address.)
Phone: (860) 434-8899
$139.00 (check to confirm current price & shipping)

MacTCrestedBuckleCustom MacTavish Belt Buckles, Heraldically correct.
Manufactured by: Caledonia Fine Arts
Contact: Jeff Robertson
Phone: (860) 434-8899  (Copy and paste the e-mail into your e-mail client send address.)
Buckles are available in a variety of designs.
Military and Masonic themes are also avialable.

Crest Badge and Cockade

White CockadesSold exclusively by the Clan MacTavish Store.

When Bonnie Prince Charlie donned a White Rose in his bonnet, the White Cockade (symbolizing the rose) became the emblem of his Jacobite supporters. It was worn by most members of the Jacobite Army throughout the Rising of the ’45.

Clan MacTavish is a Jacobite Clan, and wearing the White Cockade is encouraged.

These are beautifully made, hand-crafted white cockades; and worn pinned behind the crest badge on a man’s bonnet or lady’s sash.

Cockade Price: $12.00 plus S&H

Iron on PatchesIron-On Clan MacTavish Crest Patches. Sold exclusively by the Clan MacTavish Store.

These patches are of high stitch count, with self adhesive iron-on backing. They may be reinforced by sewing if desired.

Large 5 X 5.75″  – $8.00 + $2.00 S&H
Small 3 X 2.50″ – $5.00 + $1.50 S&H


MacTavish Day SporranMacTavish Crested Dress SporranCustom Sporran

Left – Crested Black Leather Day Sporran.

Center – Clan Crest Leather Semi-Dress Sporran with Brushed catel.

Right – Custom Dress Silver Fox Fur Sporran with Chrome catel & US Air Force Emblem. (Other emblems are available.)

MacT Ladies Patent and Brown leather purseMacT Ladies Black Saddle Leather Purse

Left – Crested Ladies belt pouch in black patent leather and brown saddle leather.

Right – Crested Ladies purse in black saddle leather.

Custom-made sporrans and ladies hand bags. You choose the leather or fur, the color, and the design. Custom belts, straps, and other hand-made leather accessories also available.
“Handmade by a caring Scotsman”. Contact Jim Ramsey: (Copy and paste the e-mail into your e-mail client send address.)

Clan MacTavish Glassware in Limited Quantities.

MacTavish Glassware

Glassware – Sold exclusively by the Clan MacTavish Store.

1. Left – Large tankard. Holds approximately 20 oz. Price $12.00
2. Right -Large stemmed goblet. Holds approximately 16 oz. Price $15.00
All glassware has the Clan Name etched on one side and the Clan Motto on the other.
PLEASE NOTE: Separate shipping charges will apply to glassware, depending upon the address where it will be shipped. Contact the store to determine the number available and shipping charges before placing your order. Packed to avoid breakage.

MacTavish Mugs Clan MacTavish Coffee MugsSold exclusively by the Clan MacTavish Store.

These 10 oz. coffee mugs are available in two styles.
Left – Style 1. Panoramic view from the Top of Cruach Mor, Dunardry

Center and Right – Style 2. Clan badge on front with Mactavish Modern Tartan on Back.
Also available with the Thomson Dress Blue or Stephenson Modern tartan on the back.
Prices: 1 mug = $16.50 + $6.50 S&H,  2 mugs = $30.00 + $9.00 S&H
3 mugs = $45.00 + $9.50 S&H, 4 mugs = $59.00 + $10.25 S&H. Packed to avoid breakage.


History of Clan MacTavish – Book

US Library of Congress Copyright and Control Number:  2012942086

A highly researched History of the Clan MacTavish, by our Chief’s Seannachie, Patrick Thompson. The book explores the origin of the Clan MacTavish ancestors beginning in  2nd century Ireland, and carries the clan to its present 21st century stature. It dispels the myth that MacTavishes are descended from the Campbells, and provides the true descent via ancient Irish annals, and other records. DNA comparison is also provided that backs this fact. There is no other book available that provides a complete history of the clan.  This is not a trivial work. Copies reside at HM Register House, Edinburgh, Scotland, and was reviewed by the Lord Lyon, the US Library of Congress, and other institutions.

This book is also available at in kindle book format. The link is:

Here’s what a few readers have to say:
“It was a scholarly work. Meticulous research and organization followed by an excellent presentation. You were careful to point out any assumptions you were going to make; and they were always the most logical conclusions from the available evidence.”
–“Having never thought about the history of Scotland or Ireland beyond recent events and knowing little about the landscape I spent a great deal of time referring to the very helpful maps you provided so that I could better understand the movement of individuals and groups. And even though at times distances were not great (by todays standards) I tried to think of the difficulties of the times. It is difficult for us to really understand how hard life and living was. Well being was often dependent upon strength and who you knew (not much has changed I guess).”
–“The detail provided about our ancestors, who they were, where they traversed, and their challenges provided wonderful insight.”
“This is a book to be treasured. Well done research, excellent presentation.”

Book Description – Hardcover Book: 8 1/2 by 11 inch format, Red buckram covered with imprinted gold crest and title; containing 390 pages of text. The books are illustrated as well, with maps, photos, and coats of arms (in color). They are not inexpensive due to being printed on 200+ year archival paper, the extensive size of the book, and the color illustrations. The book includes, a dedication, acknowledgements, an introduction, a forward, a preface, 14 chapters, and 9 appendices. The cost (which includes shipping) is reduced to $115.00 per book in the USA and $150.00 per book for Canada, Ireland, the UK and Europe, and Elsewhere. Covers the 2nd century to the 21st century. The additional cost for foreign purchase is due to shipping expense. Foreign shipping is nominally $60.00 US Dollars.

Cost and payments methods: A personal check/cheque is acceptable for Canadian and USA residents. However,  first check with your bank if outside the USA. Your banking institution may require that you use an international bank draft (honored Worldwide). Payments are accepted in U.S. Dollars only, and Canadian Dollars are applied at the U.S. Dollar exchange rate.) Canadians, please do not send payments in Canadian Dollars. It costs $40.00 US Dollars to have those funds converted to US Currency. 

For additional information or to order your copy, email Patrick Thompson directly: (Copy and paste the e-mail address into your e-mail client send address.)

Suggested Kilt and Tartan Merchants.

Kilts and Tartan Cloth, and Accessories. (Clan MacTavish recommends tartan fabric by Locharron of Scotand for any of your tartan desires (if available through Locharron’s Mill). Most Kilt or Ladies tartan skirt makers will order from Lochharon if asked to do so.)

PLEASE READ: A note on buying men’s shoulder plaids and ladies sashes. If you are considering ordering a tartan kilt, dress or skirt and wish to have a plaid or sash that actually matches, order all your tartan items (everything) at the same time. The best reason to order all items at once is that different dye lots or bolts of tartan may not perfectly match an older or newer dye lot. The shades of the same colors may vary from lot to lot of fabric, and  will probably differ if not ordering all your selected tartan accessories at the same time. If the ladies desire a longer sash than is normally available (usually sold commercially at 90 inches), specify the length (100, 110, 120  [120″ is normally maximum length] inches).  Alexis Malcolm, from CLEWISTON, FLORIDA, USA, was taught the art of kiltmaking by her grandmother who was a native born Scot. Excellent work and competition pricing. Carries a complete line of tartans and accessories, Kilt and Dress making, as well as custom ladies sash making.  Burnetts-Struth is a premier North American Kiltmaker, located in BARRIE, ONTARIO, CANADA. Carries a complete line of tartans and accessory products. Kilt and Dress making.  Locharron of Scotland is the World’s leading manufacturer of tartan fabric. Established over 60 years ago, its home is in SELKIRK, SCOTLAND. They carry over 700 authentic Scottish tartans, and have kilt and dress makers at their production facility. Copy the blue links into your browser address window.