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Commons of Argyll - name lists

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Patrick Thompson

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:22 am    Post subject: Commons of Argyll - name lists Reply with quote

Commons of Argyll by Duncan C. MacTavish, compiled about 1933-35, published 1935, in Lochgilphead, Knapdale.

Lists of names are broken down by Region, then sub-division, followed by name(s) of person(s).

These names were taken for surviving lists, by Duncan. C. MacTavish, a native of Lochgilphead, and are exclusive for Argyllshire, and do not represent other shires. Not all regions in Argyllshire are represented (i.e. Morvern, Ardnamurchan, etc.), and hence not all persons who participated in the rebellion are mentioned.

Following are the Rebels in Argyll and Tarbert (relative to MacTavish), pertaining to the Earl of Argyll’s part in the Monmouth Rebellion. Many refused to turn out, and are thus not listed. These lists contain MacTavish and Stevenson/Stephenson name variations. Following the Rebels of 1685 are Fencible Men (eligible for war) enumerated in 1692.

These are all Highlanders. Lowlanders are named is separate lists in Commons of Argyll. These lists also show that members of a clan did not all live on the lands of their chief, and that others not of the clan did.

1. List of Rebels, 1685

Kintyr (Kintyre)
Kilblain paroch
Coraphen: Donald Mc cavish
Kilchiven, Killcaubnach: William Thomson
Kilcheran, Kildonan: John Thomson

North Kintyr
Killean paroch
Reudell (Rhudall): Archibald Mc sporran
Margimonach: Tavish Mc cavish

With Capt. of Skipnidge (sic Skipness)
Skipnidge: Donald Mc sporran

Kilberrie paroch
Tiretigan: Lauchlan Mc tavish, John Mc tavish, Ard Mc tavish, Duncan Mc ea vc tais, Ard Mc Tais his bryr
Kilberrie: Neill Mc tavish, John Mc tavish, Duncan Mc phadrick alias Mc tavish, John Mc tavish, Quentin Stevinson
Shenaghart: John Mc tavish, Alexr Mc tavish
Achdianellan: Rorie Mc tavish

Knapdeall (Knapdale) paroch, Argyll
Lochhead keilsport: John Mc tavish
Downirosney (Dunrostan): Duncan Mc tavish (MacTavish land)
Ulva: Donald Mc gilhuash (This name modernly is MacLehose or Macelhose, a form of Mac Gille Tavish).
Kilmichell in Inverlussa: Dougall Steinsone
Downans (Dunans): Duncan Mc tavish (MacTavish land)
Dunardarie: Donald Mc tavish of Dunardarie Heiritor Execut (executed)
Strondour: John mc tavish
Kildishalan: Donald Mc cavish

Paroch of Kilmichell in Glassarie (Kilmichael Glassary)
Gartangore: Rorie Mc tavish certificate (* cited as Rorie mc Tavis in Gartingour)
Crearea: Neill Mc tavish (* cited as Neill mc Cavish in Creara), Patrick Mc tavish (* cited as Patrick mc Cavish)
Achoish: John Mc cavish (*cited as John mc Cavish)
Monydriane: Archibald Mc cavish (*cited as Ard Mc cavish in Monidren)
Craigmurell: Alexdr Mc cavish (*cited as Alexr Mc cavish there)
Uyla: James Steivinson (*cited as James Stevison in Uyla)
Kiktowun Kilmeichell: Robert Seinson, John Stevinson (*cited as John Stevinson in kirktoun of kilmichell)
Torblaren: William Stevinson (*cited as Wm Steinson there)
Kilbryd: Lauchlan Mc cavish
Glasvar: John Mc cavish
Leckwarie: John Steivinson
Ffernoch (Fernoch): Neill Mc cavish (*cited as Neill mc Kavish), John Stevinson (* cited as John Stevinsone there)

Kilmartin paroch
Barlia: Alexr Mc cavish,
Ardphurclad: Dougall Mc cavish, Donald Mc cavish

Melphort parcoh
Kilmelphort: Malcom Mc tavish

Craignes paroch
Leirchanmore: John Mc cavish

Dunoon and Kilmun paroches in Cowall
Orchyeard: John Mc homas
Towart: Gilbert Mc cavish

Strachur and Stralachlan (Strathlachlan) paroch
Lick: Tavish Mc Cavish

Men alleged to be rebels (or accessories) by Duncan Mc dougall in Laganmore:
Ard Mc cavish in Ardinstur, Malcom Mc cavish his son yr, Donald Mc cavish yr

List of Rebels from Gigha, 1685 (who appear to have fled Glassary or Kintyre):
Duncan Mc Tavish in Margmonagich, Donald Mc Tavish yr, Ard Mc Tavish in Ardlay

List of Rebels who forfeited their Stock (Cattle/horses, etc..) 12 OCT 1685, at Court held by the Marquis of Atholl (besides those cited above).
Lauchlan mc cavish there [ i.e. in Lagg] - but who does not appear with John Mc chruther in Lagg in the list of rebels. See above listed rebels (*cited as…) who forfeited stock.

2. List of Fencible Men between 16 and 60 in the various parishes of Argyll, 1692 (Men not listed previously. The rest of Argyll records regarding such men are deemed lost. This is an inconclusive list.

(Note: In the lists of Fencible men, there are only three of the name Thomson (including Tomsone), who appear in a separate list for Lowlanders. All those listed here are Highlanders.)

Lismore: John Mc Illihaish (1), John McIllihaish (2) (This name modernly is MacLehose or Macelhose, a form of Mac Gille Tavish).

Baldeodan (Lands of Campbell of Inverawe)
Dalincro: Johne mc Cavish

Lands of Duncan Campbell brother to Inverawe
Craignish and Braelorn:
John mc Tavish, Alexr mc Tavish, Dougall mc Tavish

Rewarie Tamson (i.e. Rorie Thomson), Dougald Tampson, Hew Mc Cavish, Donald Mc Cavish, Dougald Mc Cavish, James Stinsone (these people are Highlanders, not Lowlanders. Lowlanders are enumerated in a separate section and so designated.)

Garvalt: Duncan mc Thavish
Ederlingbeg: Ard mc Thavish (ab:seik)
Lagg: Lauchlan mc Thavish, Hew mc Thavish (ab:seik)
Tarblaren: Alexr Mc Cavish

Ballimore Kilmichell:
John Stinson elder (*deleted), John Stinson younger, William Stinson (Stinson, Stinsone, etc. = Stevenson/Stephenson)
Kilmichell: John Stinson
Achihoise: Alexr mc Thavish, Donald mc Thavish, Lauchlan McThavish
Auchinbrack ( Auchnabreck): Alexr mc Cavish, Donald mc Cavish
Two Monidraines: Alexr mc Tavish, Hew mc Tavish (ab: at Lochabir)
Kilmory: Lauchlan mc Thavish (Ab:seik), Donald mc Tavish
Douincholgin: John mcThavish
Kilmichelbeg: Lauchlan mc Thavish
Auchinba: Hew mc Thavish
Kilmichelbeg: Patt: mc Thavish
Barnakeill (Barnakill): Neill mc Thavish
Auchinshelach (Auchnashelloch): George Stinson (Stevenson/Stephenson)
Neithri Keames: John Stinsone (Stevenson/Stephenson)
Glesvar: Jo: mc Cavish
Stronalbanach: Donald mc Thavish
Crerea: Neill mc Cavish
Garvachie: Alexr mc Thavish
Inverheas: Rory mc Cavish, Neill mc Cavish
Blarintypart: Duncan mc Tavish
Dunardarie: Patrick Christie, Gilbert Mc Lartich, James Boyd
Dunanes (Dunans): Donald mc Wruone (sic McRyan), John mc Capline
Barenluiskane (Barrinloskin): Cormick Mc Cormick, Angus Mc Ilvernick, Donald Mc Inlvernick, John Mc Neill
Blarintypart: Duncan Mc Tavish
Barbea: Angus Mc Ilchash (sic MacIlTavish, MacLehose/McIlhaus, MacCash)
Ardbege: Malcolme Mc Chosh (sic MacIltavish, MacHose, MacLehose, MacIlhaus, MacCash)
Kilbege: Duncan Stinsone (Stevenson/Stephenson)
Castell Suine (Castle Sween): Ard Mc Ilchommie (sic MacIlTavish)

(Note: Dunans, Barrinloskin and Dunardarie are owned by MacTavish of Dunardarie.) Of interest is that old styles of MacGilletavish like Mc Il chash/Mc Ilchommie (MacLehose) exist along side more modern variations like mc Cavish, mc Thavish, and mc Tavish, and even Thomson. Stevenson or Stephenson variations are also obvious, and spelled differently, even in the same paroch.

Tarbert’s Lands
Achendaroch: Duncan mc Tavish
Brackley John mc Tavish
Breanffeorlin: Hugh mc Tavish
Barmore: Donald Thomson
Tarbert: Alexr Thomson

Duncan roy mc Cavis, Rorie mc Cavis, Thomas mc Cavis , Patt: mc Cavis, Jon mc Cavis, Jon mc Cavis (2), Duncan mc Cavis, Dugald mc Cavis. Ard mc Cavis, Lauchlan mc Cavis, John mc Cavis (3), Alexr Stinsone, James Stinsone

Blythswood’s and Skipness’s Lands
Lauchlane mc Avish, Ewin mc Avish, Pat mc Avish, Johne mc Avish, Duncane mc Avish

Killean, Saddell and Kilchenzie
Killean paroch Stockadell and garvalt: Pattrick mc Sporran,
Margmonagich: Duncan mc Cavish
Drumlea: Pattrick mc Sporran

Burg of Campbeltoun (Campbeltown)
James Tamson
Patrick mc Kaish

Kilfinan: Donald Tamsone, Duncan Tamsone, Duncan mc Thomas

Barron mc Gorry’s interest
Stronyarrig: Ard mc Comas

Dunoon and Kilmun
Orchard’s Land
Orchard: Archbald Mc Komish

Paroch: A parochial division of a church parish.


Patrick Thompson

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