Become a Member of Clan MacTavish

Are you a Cash, Holmes, Kash, MacCamish, MacCash, MacCavish, MacComb, MacCombie, MacComich, MacComish, MaComie, Macomie, MacCosh, MacLaws, MacElhose, MacLehose, MacTavish, McTavish, Mactavish, Mactavis, M’Tavish, MacTeague, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Tavish, Tawesson, Teague, Thom, Thomas, Thomason, Thomasson, Thompson, Thomson, Tod, or Todd and interested in becoming a supporting member of Clan MacTavish? We welcome you with open arms!

Support Clan MacTavish…

Supporting membership fees assist the clan organization in its mission to provide cultural, educational, and fellowship opportunities relevant to our collective Scottish heritage.  These are vital functions of the Clan that we take very seriously.  We work diligently to expand presence at Scottish events, grow worldwide membership, publish one of the best clan newsletters, upgrade the online store, get our Chief out to meet members, and continue development of one of the best clan websites.

What you get as a supporting member of Clan MacTavish…

  • A Quarterly Newsletter, the Non Oblitus, filled with information and history about the Clan, things Scottish, and other useful information.
  • A genealogical record of your family lineage place in the Clan MacTavish section of the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library located in Moultrie, Georgia; an official repository for many Clan Genealogies in North America.
  • Access to the Clan Store where you can obtain clan items at a reduced cost.
  • Access to participate in the online Members Forum.
  • Official participation as a Clan Member at Celtic/Scottish Games and Events where the Clan has representation.
  • A Membership Certificate signed by the Chief indicating your status as an official member of Clan MacTavish, plus a wallet membership card with your Clan ID number.
  • A membership booklet loaded with useful information on the Clan.
  • Charitable contribution deduction on your annual income taxes.

Interested in Becoming a Supporting Member of Clan MacTavish?

Clan MacTavish Online Supporting Membership Application…

All of your personal information will be safeguarded. We will use this information for administrative purposes and the day-to-day business of the Clan. The Chief will have access to your information. However, we do not release any information to any entity outside Clan MacTavish except when ordered by a U.S. court or when necessary to complete an order placed by you or complete a direction given by you. For a copy of our complete privacy policy, please contact the Clan Treasurer at: 23 Garland Road, Lancaster, NH 03584